ISSN no. 1454-6025 – Quarterly journal, The material published in this journal are peer reviewed by members of the editorial college.

Peer review process

Editorial secretary receives and validates proposed articles. After removing the author, the papers are randomly distributed to editorial college members, others than university professors and academicians. Possible conception errors are discussed in a meeting.

Non valid papers are returned to authors for corrections, with a 3 days dead line. If after three days the paper is not returned, is cancelled and replaced by one in the waiting list if available. In a final meeting the college (without professors and academicians) decides on printing articles and queued ones.

The whole process of selection lasts for 7-10 days. Printable proposal is sent to at least two of the editorial members who are professors or academicians, according to the field of interest.

Upon their acceptance, revue is send out for printing.