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To the contributors

Our journal is opened to any kind of collaboration regarding news in aerospace medicine and psychology, scientific theoretical and practical research, applied in the field of expertise and medical assistance of the aerospace personnel, both civilian and military, in Romania.

We wish to publish both strictly scientific medical papers, and articles which may be used in the process of training of doctors and psychologists working in aviation field. The published materials may also contribute to the general information of a large category of personnel involved in the aerospace domain.

The authors (doctors, psychologists, nurses, aeronautical personnel) will send the manuscripts on the following address: “SOCIETATEA DE MEDICINĂ AERONAUTICĂ DIN ROMÂNIA”, Calea Plevnei nr. 134, Sector 1, Bucuresti, cod 70786, Tel / Fax 3197082, or e-mail it with the specification “for the journal”.

The authors must write their complete address, phone number (or fax) and their e-mail address, for correspondence. The papers must also comprise a letter of acceptance of being published in our journal, pro bono.

The data and statements in the articles belong fully to the authors, the redaction and publisher declining any responsibility.

The articles, no longer than 4400 printed characters, will be written on a PC, with 2 cm edges, and will comprise:

1. The article;
2. The abstract;
3. Key words;
4. The following structure: introduction, materials and methods, results, conclusions;
5. Bibliography.

The members of the Romanian Society of Aerospace Medicine have priority in publishing their papers.
The editorial team is grateful to authors for sending the articles on magnetic support or by e-mail.

The redaction thanks to all sponsors who helped us and would like to inform about the acceptance of sponsorship and advertising