The status

Chapter I - General dispositions

Art. 1. The RSAM is a professional and scientific organization of doctors and other specialists which have their activities in the field of aerospace medicine and other disciplines which compete for the efficiency of the human factor in the aeronautical domain.

Art. 2. The RSAM is an non political, non governmental organization, with juridical entity, based on the principles of non profit, autonomy and specificity of aerospace medicine.

Art. 3. The address of the RSAM is in Bucharest, 88 M. Vulcanescu Str., Sector I.

Chapter II - The objectives of the RSAM

Art. 4.
(1). The main objective of the RSAM is to develop and diffuse the knowledge and applications of the aerospace medicine and connected disciplines into the aeronautical and aerospace domain.
(2). The RSAM will achieve this objective by:
a. the increase of the quality and the scientific underlie of the activity of selection and expertise of the aeronautical personnel
b. the increase of the level of professionalism of the doctors in aviation, in the medical assuring of flight
c. the development of the aerospace medicine scientific research
d. the promotion of modern ethic-deontological norms in the relationship between medical corps and the aeronautical personnel
e. the promotion of completion of the specialization of the doctors and psychologists working in aviation, in aerospace medicine
f. the assurance of scientific relations and activities between similar and connected societies from Romania or abroad, based on the principle of reciprocity
g. the framing of a strategy and methodology of education for the physical and psychical health specific for the aeronautical personnel
h. the elaboration of prioritary subjects of research and studies concerning the adaptation of the aeronautical personnel to the specific conditions of flight, consonant with the progress of techniques in aviation
i. the assurance of a proper organizatorical frame, of the investigation means, of informing and publishing, for the specialists implicated in research
j. organizing of scientific events with aeronautical medicine topics
k. the participation of the members of the society to various related manifestations, from Romania or abroad, based on the principle of reciprocity
l. the institution of stimulating means for the best scientific research
– the prize “General Dr. Aviator Victor Anastasiu” for the best research paper during the last year
– the prize “General Dr. Apostol Odiseu” for the best research paper during the last year, for young people under 35 years old
The value of the prizes is established by the General Assembly, and the criteria of evaluation of the papers are established by the Scientific Commission of the society
m. organizing of an efficient system of aeronautical medicine information by editing “The Revue of Aeronautical Medicine and Psychology”, editing medical papers of general interest, cooperating with other medical or aeronautical periodicals from Romania or abroad
n. the acquisition (by subscriptions, exchanges, donations) of aeronautical medicine publications from Romania or abroad
o. The Romanian Society of Aerospace Medicine promotes the respect of the principles of medical ethics and deontology, of the correctness of the medical expertise and assistance of the aeronautical personnel.

Chapter III - Organization

Art. 5. Members of the Romanian Society of Aerospace Medicine.
The membership of the Romanian Society of Aerospace Medicine may be obtained by every doctor, psychologist, or other personnel with advanced or medium studies, working in military or civil aviation, aeronautical industry, research institutes, regardless of political, religious or other nature beliefs, which recognizes the statute and pays the membership due. The Members of the Romanian Society of Aerospace Medicine may be: titular members, associate members and honorary ones.
a. titular members are doctors or other specialists from scientific or professional domains connected with aeronautical medicine
b. associate members may be:
– aeronautical personnel
– students in medicine or fields connected with aeronautical medicine
– medical personnel with medium studies which work in aeronautical institutions or aviation facilities
c. the Members of the Romanian Society of Aerospace Medicine with outstanding activity and which have been titular members for at least 10 years may become honorary members; the former Presidents of the RSAM become automatically, after retiring, honorary members.

Art. 6. The obtaining and losing of the membership
(1) In order to obtain membership, one must depose a standard application form, which is analyzed by the directorate of the RSAM, in 30 days. After the approval of the application and the payment of the due on the ongoing year, the applicant gets the membership of the RSAM, as well as the card certifying this.
(2) The loss of the membership may occur in the following situations:
– by personal request, approved by the directorate of the RSAM
– not paying the due on the ongoing year, more than 6 months after the limit established by the General Assembly

Art. 7. The rights and obligations of the members of the RSAM
(1) The rights of the members:
– to attend all the activities of the RSAM
– to speak and to express freely to all the meetings of the Society
– to elect and to be elected in the leading organisms of the Society, regardless of the level (titular members)
– to be informed about the activities and decisions of the Board
– to benefit by a free subscription to the “Revue of Aeronautical Medicine and Psychology”
(2) The obligations of the members:
– not to contravene, by activity or behaviour, to the declared aims of the RSAM
– to respect the ideas of the Statute, and the decisions of the Society’s Board
– to pay the due to the RSAM

Art. 8. The board of the RSAM
(1) It is instituted the function of Honorary President, elected by the General Assembly of the titular members.
(2) The leading organ is the General Assembly of the titular members. It gathers yearly, and secretly elects the Leading Council and two Specialty Commissions.
(3) The General Assembly gathers yearly and has the following responsibilities:
a. elects the Leading Council, composed by the president, 2 vice-presidents, the general secretary, treasurer and two members;
b. elects the professional-deontological commission and the commission for scientific research
c. analyses and approves the activity of the Board
d. decides upon the directions of development of the Society
e. approves the budget and expenditures of the Society
f. sets the level of the yearly due to the RSAM
g. sets the Audit Commission

Art. 9. The Board meets in plenary meetings at least quarterly, and has the following responsibilities:
a. fulfills the decisions of the General Assembly and coordinates the whole activity during it’s meetings
b. draws the yearly programme of activity, the budget and the expenditures of the Society, submits them to the approval of the General Assembly
c. coordinates the activity of the permanent commissions
d. represents the RSAM in it’s relations with other organizations and societies from Romania and abroad

Art. 10. The professional-deontological commission is formed by a president and 2 members, and has the following responsibilities:
a. proposes possibilities of training and professional information of the members of the Society
b. proposes to the Board ways of action concerning the health education of the aeronautical personnel
c. monitors the observance of the deontological guidelines.

Art. 11. The commission for scientific research is formed by a president and 2 members, and has the following responsibilities:
a. proposes to the Board prioritary and perspective subjects of scientific aeronautical medicine research
b. takes part in the editing of the “The Revue of Aeronautical Medicine and Psychology”
c. is concerned in obtaining treaties and periodicals with aeronautical medicine subjects, or to Xerox publications of broader interest.

Chapter IV - Funds

Chapter V - Final dispositions

Art. 12. (1) Income:
a. the yearly due of the titular and associate members
b. subventions, donations.
(2) Expenditures:
a. for professional scientific events
b. for investments for means needed for daily activities (audio-visual devices, Xerox, paper, books)
c. for other current activities.
(3) The Treasurer reports, yearly, the balance of income and expenditures, which is submitted to the approval of the General Assembly.

Art. 13.
The present Statute is approved by the General Assembly, by the vote of the simple majority of the titular members, and may be modified only with the accord of 2/3 of their total.

Amounts for RSAM membership fees remain the same.